Friday, October 31, 2014

I thought Democrats were against bullying?

According to a story on the New York Post website, Democrats have sent out a letter to their constituents that could be seen as threatening.

“Who you vote for is your secret. But whether or not you vote is public record,” the letter says.
“We will be reviewing voting records . . . to determine whether you joined your neighbors who voted in 2014.”
It ends with a line better suited to a mob movie than a major political party: “If you do not vote this year, we will be interested to hear why not.”
Many voters were outraged, but Peter Kauffmann, a spokesman for the New York State Democratic Committee, which is chaired by former Gov. David Paterson was quoted as saying,

“This flier is part of the nationwide Democratic response to traditional Republican voter-suppression efforts, because Democrats believe our democracy works better when more people vote, not less.”

Even though this letter was sent out to "...1 million registered Democrats who had failed to vote in previous midterm elections..."

So what they really meant was democracy works better when more DEMOCRATS vote.
And of course it's Republicans fault that they have to resort to threatening their constituents. Got it? Good. Don't forget it.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Found on Facebook

I checked this out and found that it is a hoax. For the most part.
McAfee says it's just a hoax.

But Snopes says it has some truth to it. But not for consumers or cell phone customers. Only for businesses that still use PBX to place calls. That means if you have to "Dial 9" to place an outside call, then someone could tap into your line and use it to make long distance calls.

An old article from AT&T confirms this. (via The Wayback Machine) and provides some tips to avoid being scammed.
  • This scam doesn't affect residential customers; its target is businesses.
  • An AT&T service technician would never call customers and ask them to help check phone lines.
  • The scam is generating a lot of interest in the media and over the Internet, but our network fraud experts report no increase in the number of fraud cases as a result of this notoriety.
  • The best prevention against this type of fraud is for business managers to make their office staffs aware of it and to review what to do if it happens.
  • If someone receives such a call, he or she should ask the "technician" for a call-back number or for the name and number of the caller's supervisor. Then hang up.
  • To report this or any other phone scams AT&T business customers should call their account representatives. You also can call the AT&T Business Customer Care Center at 1-800-222-0400, or report the scam to your local law enforcement agency.

Either way, it's never a good idea to do anything online or on your phone that even seems suspicious. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Some people don't even deserve to be named
Selietha Parker, and her brave daughter Alexis Goggins,who was shot 6 times by a dirtbag who was trying to kill her mother.

All too often we hear about cops shooting unarmed dogs (pets), shooting and killing innocent people for minor infractions, or beating down people that are old and feeble or mentally challenged.

But this waste of skin, A FOUR TIME CONVICTED FELON, is "...disarmed by police and arrested at the scene...". Why couldn't HE have been the one that was "accidentally" shot by police? Thus, saving the city of Detroit money they don't have, putting him on trial and then sucking up oxygen in a prison for 25- 60 years?

More of the story here.